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Billboard Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions


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Press Clippings

A selection of press clippings about BUGA-UP and MOP-UP activities. More articles can be found on the Links page.

Outdoor industry says enough is enoughOAAA president Barry Levingston will lobby parliament to get rid of Bill Snow and BUGA-UPBUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald, Clair Moffat10 Feb 1980
Terrorists singe their foeDr Garry Egger reports on billboard activism at the ANZAAS congressBUGA-UPThe Age13 May 1980
Another view of the spray can protestDr Garry Egger reports on billboard activism at the ANZAAS congressBUGA-UP, MOP UPSydney Morning Herald13 May 1980
BUGA-UP should BUZZ OFF says RothmansChairman of Rothmans Sir Ronald Irish complains that some government officers support BUGA-UP. Rothmans CEO Vernon A Brink says he is surprised that the media has been sympathetic.BUGA-UPAustralian Financial Review, Denny Groth29 Sep 1980
I'll go to jail, says graffiti BillBill Snow faces three charges of defacing tobacco company advertisementsBUGA-UPCity Express29 May 1980
Founding member of BUGA-UP convicted, finedBill Snow fined $200 for defacing a billboard and will continue the campaign in gaol.BUGA-UPThe Glebe04 Jun 1980
Hogan to get brief reprieveASC grants extension of time for removal of Winfield billboardsMOP UPSydney Morning Herald,Isabel Lukas26 Jun 1980
Hogan cigarette posters going up, group claimsMOP UP has evidence that Paul Hogan billboards are being erected in spite of being banned by ASC.MOP UPSydney Morning Herald, Isabel Lukas28 Jun 1980
Doctors deface tobacco industryDr Michael Lippman and DOC (Doctors Ought to Care)Cigarette advertisingThe Progressive, Wisconsin, USAJun 1980
Letters to the Editor - Cigarette promotionG and G cigarette promotion is appealing to childrenCigarette advertisingThe Newcastle Herald, Letters, E. Parkinson13 Jul 1980
Anyhow, down came the signHogan has major appeal to children by MOP UP upheld by ASCCigarette advertisingSydney Morning Herald07 Jul 1980
If the law goes, it's back to the jungleBUGA-UP is threatening "the whole principle of legal stability and democratic rights" in Australia.BUGA-UPNorthern Star03 Sep 1980
Graffitists spray healthlaunch of the BUGA-UP Autumn CatalogueBUGA-UPMedical Journal of Australia20 Sep 1980
Letters to the Editor - Letters from 13 high school studentsStudents from Raymond Terrace write about BUGA-UP and smokingSmokingThe Newcastle Herald, Letters11 Oct 1980
Letters to the Editor - Cigarette advertisingSimon Chapman calls on the Transport Minister Mr Cox to refuse cigarette advertisingBUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald, Simon Chapman22 Oct 1980
BUGA-UP advertisementAd for BUGA-UP calling for donations and offering National Annual ReportBUGA-UPNational Times1980
The billboard controversy: BUGA-UP versus the advertisers Interview with Bill Snow, Ric Bolzan & Geoff Coleman about the widespread phenomenon of graffiti outdoor billboardsand its impact on advertisers. BUGA-UPNew Doctor1980
Cancer' on billboards: $200 fineDaniel Rogers fined for maliciously injuring 2 tobacco adverising billboards at NewcastleBUGA-UPNewcastle Herald06 Jan 1981
Sydney's hit and run artists (text version)BUGA-UP and the Black Lung Liberation Front seem to be winning.BUGA-UPGood Weekend, Sydney Morning Herald14 Feb 1981
Posters: who are the despoilersLetters of support following the "Sydney's hit and run artists" article.BUGA-UPLetters to the Editor, Sydney Morning Herald27 Feb 1981
Battle of the billboardsLetter to the editor distinguishing between BUGA-UP and vandalsBUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald05 Mar 1981
Professional LitterbugsLetter to the editor about the hazards of outdoor advertisingOutdoor advertisingSydney Morning Herald12 Mar 1981
Buga Up man jailed for not paying fine and,
Article withadjacent Rothmans advertisement
Bill Snow refuses to pay fine and prefers to go to jail to show he believes in the cause.BUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald10 Apr 1981
Billboard graffitists under severe attackOAAA has published three newsletters attempting to discredit BUGA-UPBUGA-UPAustralian Financial Review, Pam Mawbey10 Jun 1981
Concord ugliness staysConcord Council wants to get rid of ugly billboards on Concord OvalOutdoor advertisingThe Glebe10 Jun 1981
Two face trial over billboardNeville Biffin and Geoff Coleman plead not guilty to defacing Tooth and Co and Philip Morris billboardsBUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald12 Aug 1981
BUGA-UP group claim legal breakthroughDanielle Kluth says first billboard refacing case is to come to trial and will be decided by juryBUGA-UPThe Glebe26 Aug 1981
Writing on the wall for billboardsBrian Robson is interviewed about the Lions Club support for the Outdoor Advertising Association anti-vandalism campaign.Outdoor advertisingProbeSep 1981
Billposter's plea for mercyOutdoor Advertising Association at war with BUGA-UPOutdoor advertisingThe Age22 Sep 1981
Upfront NEWBUGA-UP beginningsBUGA-UPSimply Living Number 181981
Liquor stores the next on B.U.G.A U.P. listThe Australian Liquor Retailer alleges that a large group of vandals defacing billboards are about to turn there attention to liquor stores.Alcohol advertisingThe Australian Liquor RetailerFeb 1982
Graffitists drive their message home in courtA 23-year-old man charged with causing malicious injury... painted the words "horses smell better, BUGA UP" on the poster.BUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald25 Feb 1982
Child's slogan on smokes adNeville Biffin and Geoff Coleman, charged maliciously injuring a Marlboro billboard, said the slogan had been suggested by an 11 year old childBUGA-UPSydney Daily Telegraph25 Feb 1982
Judge expresses sympathy, but fines graffitistsJudge Loveday says he admired the motives of BUGA-UP men Neville Biffin and Geoff Coleman, found guilty of maliciously injuring a Marlboro billboard. Frank Watters, gallery owner, said the billboard had been improved. BUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald26 Feb 1982
Fine, sympathy from the judgeJudge Loveday says he admired the motives of BUGA-UP men Neville Biffin and Geoff Coleman, found guilty of maliciously injuring a Marlboro billboardBUGA-UPSydney Daily Telegraph26 Feb 1982
Fines - and praise - for defacing cigarette adA judge yesterday fined two men $235 each for defacing a billboard cigarette advertisement but expressed great sympathy for the crusade against smoking.BUGA-UPAustralian26 Feb 1982
Tribunal could ban television ads for alcoholAustralian Broadcasting Tribunal considering ban on alcohol advertsinig on TVCigarette advertisingThe Age27 Feb 1982
ImitationsA new group, COUGH-UP in Bristol, UK, have started to spray-paint satirical messages on posters advertising unhealthy products.BUGA-UP, COUGH-UPSydney Morning Herald16 Apr 1982
Sydney's billboard battleBUGA-UP has cost outdoor advertisers $1/2 million over last year. Court fines are too light. OAAA campaign against graffiti called "Speak up" cost $80,000. Judge Loveday expressses sympathy for BUGA-UPBUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald, Luis M. Garcia28 Jun 1982
Aggressive Graffiti hit Marlboro countryCOUGH-UP cells now in London and BristolCOUGH-UPSunday Times, UK04 Jul 1982
Aussie ararchy rules, OKThe London Sunday Times warns its readers that the BUGA-UP organisation in Australia is spreading to the UK.BUGA-UP, COUGH-UPSydney Morning Herald05 Jul 1982
Defence in graffiti case puts "enhancement" argumentFred Cole cannot be charged with willfull damage if he believed he was improving the poster, argues barrister Bruce MilesBUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald, John Slee23 Jul 1982
A tracheostomy for the Marlboro manFeature article covering the BUGA-UP entry of tracheostomy victim Frank Hunt in as the Philip Moris search for the new Marlboro manBUGA-UPMedical Journal of Australia24 Jul 1982
Bid to stap Marlboro send-up failsPhilip Morris failed to have BUGA-UP poster parody of Marlboro ads bannedSmokingThe Age29 July 1982
Premier Neville Wran, at the wheel of Formula 1 grand prix racing carThe Premier, Neville Wran, at the wheel of a Marlboro racing car at a Philip Morris spnsored Art and Technology exhibit at NSW Art GalleryCigarette advertisingWentworth Courier11 Aug 1982
Interview by Berwyn Lewis
(text version)
fred cole talks about his BUGA-UP work.BUGA-UPNEWSWIT10 Aug 1982
Art exhibit fires up anti-smokersBUGA-UP protest against Marlboro sponsorship at the Art Gallery of NSWBUGA-UPThe Australian16 Aug 1982
Chain non-smoker taken from Marlboro countryBUGA-UP protest against Marlboro sponsorship at the Art Gallery of NSWCigarette advertisingSydney Morning Herald, Jenna Price16 Aug 1982
Protest over carBUGA-UP protest against Marlboro sponsorship at the Art Gallery of NSWTobacco sponsorshipSydney Daily Telegraph16 Aug 1982
Personal and Missing FriendsAd placed by BUGA-UP in the personal column saying "Would the person that gave us the information about Philip Morris please contact us again"BUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald, Notices18 Aug 1982
Anti-cigarette protest as two women given bondsAbout 30 anti-cigarette advertising protestors demonstrated outside a Carlton court.BUGA-UPThe Age20 Aug 1982
What could happen if your Parliamentarian supports the ban on tobacco advertising?Parliamentarians should not support a ban on tobacco advertsiing as it will not reduce incidence of smoking and infringe the rights of tobacco companies.Cigarette advertisingThe West Australian06 Oct 1982
Smoke-free dayAlcohol abuse does not diminish the need to smoking reductionSmokingThe West Australian26 Oct 1982
Cricket faces $5.5mil loss!Benson and Hedges sponsorship of cricket could end if a private members bill to ban tobacco advertising succeeds. Australian Cricket Board director David Richards says cricket should be free to accept money from whoever they want.BUGA-UPSydney Daily Telegraph, John Taylor28 Oct 1982
BUGA-UP's aims may have gone up in smokeBob Browning alleges that recent public statements has "thrown light on BUGA-UP's idiological hazy and potitical objectives.BUGA-UPThe Buletin16 Nov 1982
BUGA-UP are 'urban hooligans' - ad manOAAA presidentJohn Lawrenson, attacks BUGA-UP at the association's conference. BUGA-UP has also produced a set of Christmas cards.Tobacco sponsorshipSydney Daily Telegraph30 Nov 1982
Tobacco sponsor's $400,000 to balletBenson and Hedges has given the Australian Ballet $400,000. Discusses how ballet logo has been reshaped into a cigarette ad.Tobacco sponsorshipSydney Daily Telegraph, Jill Sykes01 Dec 1982
Ballet steps into richesBenson and Hedges has given the Australian Ballet $400,000. Cigarette advertisingSydney Daily Telegraph01 Dec 1982
The Image Makers
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fred cole speaks at the Victorian Art Director's ClubBUGA-UPNEWSWITc1982
Cigarette ad was sexualFred Cole claims in court that cigarette ad was "explicitly sexual".BUGA-UPThe Age3 Feb 1983
Doctor challenges cigarette adsDr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans' hearing adjourrned. Details of the defence.Cigarette advertisingSydney Morning Herald22 Feb 1983
Cigarette advertising ban to be consideredNSW Caucus will coniser Health Minister's proposal for cigarette advertising ban. Transport Minister Peter Cox is opposed to ban.Cigarette advertisingThe Australian08 Mar 1983
State bans tobacco advertisingNSW Govt has banned cigarette advertsinig from its property. IN Queensland, penalties for selling cigarettes to children are to be increasedCigarette advertisingThe Australian, John Campbell10 Mar 1983
State may extend ban on smoke advertsNSW govt has banned cigarette advertsinig from its property. Backbenchers want to extend the ban to include cinema advertising and sponsorships.Cigarette advertisingSydney Daily Telegraph10 Mar 1983
No airport tobacco ads: AMAThe AMA has called for a ban on cigarette advertising at airports.Tobacco sponsorshipSydney Morning Herald, Paul Molloy and M. Garcia11 Mar 1983
ALP split over cigarette cashNSW Labor party's Sport and Recreation committee has decided to oppose proposed ban on cigarette advertising and sponsorship. The committee completed its report at the Rothmans Foundation boardroom.Cigarette advertisingSydney Morning Herald, Mike Steketee29 Mar 1983
Smoking hazardsIan Webster Professor of Community Medicine University of NSW writes that smoking causes disease and the Minister for Health Laurie Brereton is to be commended for banning cigarette ads on government property. Cigarette smokingThe Australian02 Apr 1983
Row about smoking hits the Royal tourHealth groups in Australia and Britain complain about Benson and Hedges exploiting Royal visitTobacco sponsorshipObserver, Annabel Ferriman and Lindsay Murdoch03 Apr 1983
Row over Royal adAnti-smokers protest Royal family ensorsement of Benson and HedgesCigarette advertisingMail on Sunday03 Apr 1983
"Royal" cigarette advertCartoon sending up SMH Royal Tour/Benson and Hedges front pageCigarette advertisingDaily Mail, John Kent cartoon04 Apr 1983
Row on "Royal" cigarette advertCalls for withdrawal of Benson and Hedges ads linked to the Royal Tour.Cigarette advertisingDaily Mail04 Apr 1983
Smoking factsW.G. Stone General Manager Public Affairs Rothmans writes that Rothmans removed Paul Hogan voluntarily, not through court order, Cigarette smokingThe Australian26 Apr 1983
Tobacco ad ban would cost $5mThe OAAA says that the cigarette advertising ban being considered by the State Health Ministers would cost 2500 jobs and $5m a year in lost revenueBUGA-UPSydney Daily Telegraph, Stuart McLean27 Apr 1983
Cigarette firms tip ads ban reprieveTobacco and advertising industry executives say radical proposals to be considered by meeting of health ministers at Hobart will not be adopted.BUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald27 Apr 1983
Billboard defaced "to save smokers"Arthur Chesterfield-Evans fined $20 for defacing Rothmans billboard. Magistrate Margaret Sleeman says by and large she agrees with his reasons.Tobacco sponsorshipSydney Daily Telegraph08 Sep1983
BUGAUP saving more lives than surgery: doctorArthur Chesterfield-Evans fined $20 for defacing Rothmans billboard, says he will appeal, and if necessary go to jail to save livesTobacco sponsorshipSydney Morning Herald, Trudy Storey08 Sep 1983
Winfield CupPhoto of Prime Minister Bob Hawke presenting Winfield CupTobacco sponsorshipSydney Morning Herald01 Oct 1983
Australia may soon outlaw cigarette advertisingRalph Nader reoprts on ant-scigarette-advertsinig activism in AustraliaCigarette advertisingBaltimore Evening Sun, Ralph Nader26 Oct 1983
Mac fumes at smokersJohn McEnroe appealed for a ban on smoking at the Benson and Hedges Tennis at Webbley.Cigarette advertisingSunday Telegraph13 Nov 1983
Tribunal is blindABT is being too lenientTobacco sponsorshipSydney Morning Herald, Joan Louie03 Feb 1984
Australian Ballet SponsorshipJoint press release by Australian Ballet Chairman Sir Robert Southy and chairman of Benson and Hedges Mr Barry Smith announcing $400,000 sponsorshipCigarette advertisingWentworth Courier22 Feb 1984
Tribunal ignites another bumper advertising rowABT criticises ads for Rugby League, Redhead matches, Australian BalletTobacco sponsorshipAustralian Financial Review, Ean Higgins16 Mar 1984
Tribunal's cigarette ad ruling could axe $20m sport, art sponsorshipABT rules that TV stations could lose their licence if they aired cigarette commercials in the guise of sponshorship advertisingTobacco sponsorshipThe Australian, Tim Allerton16 Mar 1984
Tribunal attacks cigarette adverts on TVABT criticises ads for Rugby League, Redhead matches, Australian BalletBUGA-UPSydney Daily Telegraph16 Mar 1984
Brown rules out ban on tobacco sponsorshipMinister for Sport Mr Brown said he would not be a party to a witch-hunt to ban tobacco sponsorship.Tobacco sponsorshipSydney Morning Herald, Sue Cook23 Mar 1984
Tribunal's cigarettes stand backedMinister for communications Mr Duffy supports ruling by the ABT re breaches of cigarette advertsinig ban through broadcast of the Winfield Cup on Channel 10 and Benson and Hedges cricket.Cigarette advertisingSydney Morning Herald, Richard McGreggor23 Mar 1984
Guess what BUGA-UP has gone and doneBUGAUP embassy established opposite Leo Burnett advertsing agency in North Sydney. Also Mayor Ted Mack says North Sydney Council will not allow cigatette advertising.Cigarette advertising protest & Bill SnowNorth Shore Times, Peter Morgan09 May 1984
Rights threatenedPhil Scanlan Amatil Ltd writes that proposed legislation to ban tobacco advertising involves reversing onus of proofCigarette advertisingThe Australian11 May 1985
Agency picket in smoke campaignBUGAUP embassy established opposite Leo Burnett advertsinig agency in North SydneyCigarette advertising protestThe Australian14 May 1984
Doctor with a spray canDr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans will appear in court to appeal his conviction on graffiti charges.BUGA-UPThe Courier Mail, Helen Corcoran23 May 1984
Outcry over "wowserism" taunt to anti-smokersAlistair Brass editor of MJA has called anti-smoking campaigners "wowsers". Nigel Gray Director Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria writes a letter to complain. Simon Chapman and National Heart Foundation also wrote letters of complaint.Anti-smokingThe Age, Mark Metherill26 May 1984
Graffiti war tipped on appeal successPeter Vogel predicts increase in BUGA-UP activity in wake of conviction against Arthur Chesterfield-Evans being overturned on appeal.BUGA-UPSydney Daily Telegraph16 May 1984
Anti-smoking group spurred by court winJudge Godfrey-Smith ruled that charge that Arthur Chesterfield-Evans wilfully marked premises with paint was invalid.BUGA-UPThe West Australian26 May 1984
Billboard defacers gain major legal breakthrough
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A successful court appeal by a doctor who painted an anti-smoking message on a cigarette poster has "BUGA UP"' claiming a major victory in the "war of the billboards.BUGA-UPStar Enquirer27 Jun 1984
The Perfect Billboard meets its matchLeo Schofield ananlyzes the 'Prefect Billboard' and BUGA-UP's reaction.Outdoor advertising, BUGA-UPLeo Schofield, Sydney Morning Herald04 Aug 1984
BUGA-UP answers backMichael Sorensen of BUGA-UP replies to claims that they are wowsersBUGA-UPDaily Mirror07 Aug 1984
Student admits she defaced billboard in smoking protestFaye Johnstone of Adelaide appear in court charged with defacing cigarette billboard. Magistrate is sympathetic.BUGA-UPAdelaide Advertiser02 Oct 1984
The Bogies, the 1984 BUGA-UP LogiesBUGA-UP will celebrate its 5th birthday with the BOGIE awardsBUGA-UPThe Age04 Oct 1984
Bogie awards celibrate ads' certifiable inanityBUGA-UP logies (BOGIES) will be awarded in 20 categoriesAdvertising regulationThe Age, Margaret Simons20 Oct 1984
A fine sprayReport on the BogiesBUGA-UPThe Age22 Oct 1984
Sponsors selling death - MOP UPMOP-UP condems tobacco sponsorship of Australian BalletCigarette advertising protestMelbourne Herald, Joe McKenna31 Oct 1984
ABT fights to defend its powersSaatchi & Saatchi succeed in the Federal Court obtaining ruling that the ABT has no power to regulate Australian content in comercialsTobacco sponsorshipAustralian Financial Review, David Shires29 Nov 1984
Proposal would end tobacco company sponsorship of sportAnti-cancer council of Victoria pushes for tobacco sponsorship banCigarette advertisingThe Agecirca 1984
Surgeon clashes with Health MinisterDr Chesterfield-Evans in Britain accuses Minister of making a very "patronising" speech.BUGA-UPGlasgow Herald, UK28 Mar 1985
The blighting on the wallDr Chesterfield-Evans in Britain to encourage British anti-smoking campaignersCOUGH-UPSunday Times, UK31 Mar 1985
Tobacco and a Bill of RightsPhil Scanlan says Amatil has obtained legal opinion that proposed Bill to ban tobacco advertising is unconstitutionalCigarette advertisingAustralian Financial Review, Phil Scanlan06 May 1985
Sport does not need tobaccoPeter Vogel points out that the ban is not on sponsorship but on broadcasting of tobacco advertsiing therefore tobacoo companies can continue to sponsor sports that are not televised.Tobacco sponsorshipAustralian Financial Review, Peter Vogel06 May 1985
Campaign may be uselessTM Graham AANA argues that tobacco advertsinig does not affect total consumption, just brand changingCigarette advertisingAustralian Financial Review, T.M. Graham06 May 1985
If an advertisement bothers you, bother usAdvertising Standards Council advertisement soliciting complaints. See also Anti-Advertising Industry Council Standards documentTobacco sponsorshipAdvertising Standards Council21 Jul 1985
'Bounty Hunter' Lachlan seeks to bring about justiceLachlan Partridge in Bathurst to carry out 'a peaceful reconnaissance mission'.BUGA-UPWestern Advocatec1985
War of WordsAn analysis of how... "Outlaw graffitists are giving the megabuck outdoor advertising industry a bugger of a time".Outdoor advertisingGreg Hunter, Australian Penthousec1985
Graffiti and the LawThe arrests of filmmaker Martha Ansara and artist Ric Bolzan.BUGA-UPSimply Living Vol.2 Num.91985
Lone ranger rides againTHE Lone Ranger is gunning for the Marlboro Man with a small tribe of Tontos to keep the ammo coming in technicolor.BUGA-UPPost09 Jan 1986
Billboard 'refacing' growing movementDr Michael Lippman in Seattle is first U.S. doctor to be arrested for defacing a billboard.BUGA-UPThe Vancouver Sun15 Apr 1986
Buga Up hits rock signsBUGA UP has condemned as "immoral" the promotion of rock music by tobacco giant Philip Morris.Cigarette advertisingThe Glebe25 Jun 1986
Copyright row brewing over anti-smoking adsDick Smith ran an advertisement against Peter Jackson and Geoff Drucker of Philip Morris says he is breaching copyright.Cigarette advertisingSydney Morning Herald26 Aug 1986
Opposition grows to cigarette advertisingAustralian Council for Health Physical Education and Recreation joins Dick Smith urging people in advertsinig business to refuse cigarette advertsing workCigarette advertisingAustralian Financial Review04 Sep 1986
SCG told it is not Winfield Country nowSydney City Council Ald Brian McGahen wants SCG to remove Winfield billboardCigarette advertisingWentworth Courier29 Oct 1986
1987 - 2000
Anti-smoker claims win in row with cigs giantIan Cohen claims victory over tobacco giant RothmansCigarette advertisingSydney Daily Telegraph18 Mar 1987
Rothmans dispute is settledRothmans restrained from using award-winning photographs of Ian cohen.Tobacco sponsorshipThe Age18 Mar 1987
Cigarette company vetoes Quit ads at MCGPressure from tobacco advertisers on the Melbourne Cricket Ground prevent anit-smoking adsCigarette advertisingThe Age18 Mar 1987
Bond blimps fly into flack as resident protests growHovering Bond blimps cause privacy complaints and offended that the products advertised were alcohol and cigarettes.Cigarette and alcohol advertisingSun Herald14 Jun 1987
Sprayers' revenge in BUGA-UP country Two leading members of BUGA-UP have had their cars painted with graffiti - and they want revengeCigarette advertisingSydney Morning Herald04 Jul 1987
Anti-smoking lobbies go on the offensiveAlthough they hate to admit it, Australia's leading tobacco companies are worried after part of winfield's sporting promotion is deemed to be an illegal television advertisement.Tobacco sponsorshipSydney Morning Herald01 Oct 1987
War on smoking: the seven big guns Seven politicians, public servants and citizens (BUGA UP) in the front line against smoking. Includes a letter to the editor in reply from wd & ho wills.BUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald08 Apr 1992
War on smoking: the seven big guns Seven politicians, public servants and citizens (BUGA UP) in the front line against smoking. Includes a letter to the editor in reply from wd & ho wills.BUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald08 Apr 1992
Crusading 'Billboard Bandit' Convicted of Vandalism : Activism: Donald G. House, San Diego's "Billboard Bandit", convicted of four counts of vandalism.Billboard GraffitiMark Platte, LA Times25 Sep 1991
Winfield FolliesWinfailed CupBUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald1992
Ad Makers Urged to Confess AllAdvertising Standards Council advertisement soliciting complaintsSmokingSydney Morning Herald01 May 1988
The Moving FingerIf it's witty is it a crime? David Dale spraypaints himself into a corner on the ethics of graffitiBUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald, Stay In Touch18 Jul 1998
Blazing passions amid cool fashionsAnti-smoking protesters disrupt a Hobart Cup fashion parade arousing the wrath of Liberal MHA Michael Hodgman.Tobacco sponsorshipThe Saturday Mercury22 Jan 1994
Hodgman stubs out smokes gifts, Groom urges careLiberal MHA Michael Hodgman said he would not accept any more free cigarettes, following recent publicity he had been sent a number of cartons from a cigarette company.Tobacco sponsorshipThe Saturday Mercury22 Jan 1994
Without Graffiti, The Writing's On The WallHistorical imact of graffitiBUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald, Stay In Touch23 Nov 1994
2000 ->
No ifs, no butts - these boys were toughBUGA-UP & MOP-UP 20 years laterBUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald, By Valerie Lawson12 Oct 2002
Drugs A Social HistoryBUGA-UP featured in social history Police & Justice Museum exhibition.BUGA-UPThe Police & Justice Museum Media Release23 Oct 2003
Drugs A Social HistoryBUGA-UP featured in social history travelling exhibition.BUGA-UPThe Age12 May 2008
This Bus StopAdvertisements on public transportTobacco sponsorshipSydney Morning Herald, Dr Kurt Iveson13 Jan 2009
BUGA-UP Is Back In SydneyAfter a long hiatus, it appears that BUGA UP is back, this time focusing on plastic packaging.BUGA-UPSydney Central News19 May 2010
Graffiti Attack on Fast FoodGraffitist attacks a fast food billboardBUGA-UPThe West Australian, Cathy O'leary Medical Editor13 Jan 2012
Trailer Trash and
Council imposes $1500 fine for 'trailer trash'.
Residents spray their messages on unwelcome mobile ad billboardsAdvertisingThe Wentworth Courier, Robble Patterson13 Jan 2013
27 May 2015
Graffitist who fought big tobacco.Bill Snow, groundbreaking graffitist and BUGA-UP founding menber, dies at the age of 80. BUGA-UPSydney Morning Herald20 March 2018

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