B.U.G.A.  U.P.
Billboard Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions

Rogues Gallery

Gallery slideshow of billboards

New gallery where you can scroll through some of our greatest hits.

The BUGA-UP crew circa 1980 reproduced in LEGO to protect their identities. You can also view the large version for more details.

Autumn Catalogue

Autumn Catalogue of 1980 with 40 of our 'Earliest Hits' in FULL COLOUR.

Latest Hits poster

Latest Hits

First colour poster featuring 20 refaced (mostly) tobacco and alcohol billboards.

Latest Hits poster [2,274 KB], or medium size version [330 KB]

Write of Reply poster

Write of Reply

Colour poster featuring 21 refaced (mostly) tobacco and alcohol billboards.

Write of Reply poster [2,336 KB], or medium size version [342 KB]

I, Object poster

I, Object

Colour poster featuring 22 refaced billboards using sexist images to promote their products.

I, Object poster [1,192 KB], or medium size version [316 KB]

Sample photos This gallery is regularly updated with some of our 'Greatest Hits'.

Confessions of a Simple Surgeon Dr. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans talks about why he took direct action against tobacco advertising.

YouTube BUGA-UP YouTube channel: Watch the following videos:

  • Q.E.D. - The War of Words Down Under B.B.C. Television documentary on Australian initiatives against cigarette advertising featuring B.U.G.A. U.P. , 1984. See National Library of Australia

  • Collective Surgery The Sunday Program profiles four doctors who have taken up spray cans as a preventative health measure.

  • Billboard Bandits A short History of B.U.G.A. U.P. by Kathyn Milliss. Featuring Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, Ric Bolzan, Bill Snow, Ian Cohen.

  • BUGA-UP, recalling their campaign We meet the BUGA-UP paint-bombers, recalling their campaign against cigarette advertising in the late 1970s. Spray cans in hand; the small team of vandals were determined to cleverly deface billboards promoting cigarettes.