B.U.G.A.  U.P.
Billboard Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions

Publications: Newsletters

Billbored Newsletters - 1982-1985

These these 4-page leaflets were produced at irregular intervals and contained not only news of BUGA-UP activities, but also what was happening with tobacco and advertising regulation... or NOT as the case may be.

[Approx. 3MB-5MB each ]

Number   1, May 1982
Drug Pushers Lose Ads on Govt. Property, Victory on Sydney's Parramatta Road, BUGA-UP Goes International, New Technology from Melbourne Branch, fred cole to Appear In Court Yet Again, The Enemy Strikes Back, We Are Not Alone, Graffitists Face Judge and Jury, MOP-UP News, Public Support Remains High, British Medicos Slam Sponsorship, Anti-Cancer Council Calls In Lawyers, Annual Report Still Coming, BUGA-UP To Speak At Conference.

Number   2, September 1982
Happy Birthday BUGA-UP, Doctors Support BUGA-UP, Ashtray On Wheels in Art Gallery, Govt. Turns to BUGA-UP for Help, Public Demonstrations Well Received, A.C.A. Symposium on Sponsorship, Death in the West, Rothmans Connection: Drug Pushing to Rival the French Connection, Legal Roundup, Image and Word Exhibition.

Number   3, October 1982
School Rejects Kids' Drugs, Ripping Off the Third World, W.A. Drug Pushers Fight Back, Temperance - Treating te Symptoms, Rothmans Medal, Fred Nile Does Something Right (Accidentally), Canadian Expert Praises BUGA-UP, UK Police Give Up On COUGH-UP, Thank You David McNicoll, Never Trust A Drug Pusher, Images Too Real - Words Too Strong, About BUGA-UP.

Number   4, December 1982
The Beginning of the End, The Rothmans Connection: Part 2, Drink-Driving: Treating the Symptoms, Pushers Face the Final Curtain, Dancing to the Drug Pushers' Tune, Ashes on the Ashes, Rothmans Disowns Dunhill, Only Life Sentence Will Do, Freedom of Choice?, A Hard Act to Swallow, About BUGA-UP.

Number   5, April 1983
Victory on Govt. Transport, Sydney Council Says No To Pushers, BUGA-UP Against Corporate Violence, BUGA-UP Award, Doctor in Court on BUGA-UP Charge, BUGA-UP Goes to the Ballet, Art Gallery Protests Case In Court, M.J.A Slams Cigarette Ads.

Number   6, May 1983
Drug Pushers Take Over Kid's Show - RAS, Govt. Still In Drug Pushers' Pockets, Royal Family "Used" by Drug Pushers, No More Airport Drug Dealing, Tree Vandalism By Aust. Posters, The Famly that Sprays Together, The Rothmans Connection: Part 3, Giant Ad Screen a Stonethrow Away.

Number   7, August 1982
Aussie Initiative Highlight of World Conference, Voluntary Code for Cigarettes Scrapped, Throwaway Lines for the Christians, New Legal Angles?, Cig. Promotion Ends In Arrest, Ads Removed Through Guilty Conscience, ASIO Tapes Expose Tobacco Lobbying, Kids' Ads 'Regulation' Slammed, TV Drug Pushers Dig Their Own Grave, Alcohol Ad Controversy.

Number   8, September 1983
'Yes' To Ad Referendum, Doctor B.U.G. Receives Token Fine, Uni Professor Acquitted, The Guilty Go Free (Again), BUGA-UP Spoil-Sports, Health Commission's Ad Works, BUGA-UP Recommendations on Self-Regulation, Aussie Action Impresses BBC, Tobacco Pushers Get Cold Feet, Athletes Snub Drug Pushers.

Number   9, November 1983
BUGA-UP comes Out of the Closet: Medico Turns Criminal, BUGA-UP's Black Death Meets John Player Slayers, W.A. Ad-Ban Defeated, The Rothmans Connection: Part 5, Tobacco Companies Abandon 'Low Profile', Outdoor Fears BUGA-UP.

Number 10, December 1983

A Self-Defence Course For Children: Ad-Expo, Warm Response to BUGA-UP At Fair, Ballet's 'Light' Fantastic, Drug Pushers Woo Ethnic Media, For BAGA-UP, Read BUGA-UP, Pub Vandalised by Drug Pushers, Unhealthy Promotion of the Month.

Number 11, January 1984
SRA Billboards Still Going Up In Spite Of Ban, Grave Situation At Tennis, Broadcasting Tribunal's About Face, Industry Slams Ad-Expo.

Number 12, March 1984
Bunfight Over Junk Food Ads, Drug Pushers T the Rescue, Moves To Expose Pill pushers, New Moves on Sexist Ads, Ad Industry 'Does Its Block', Get Your Story Straight Advertisers, Ad Ruling Irks Porn-Brokers, The Rothmans Connection: Part 6, Cig Ad Ruling Highlights Hypocrisy, Thoughtless Graffiti.

Number 13, April 1984
Royal Show Under Attack, CARES Pours Cold Water on Show, W.H.O Will Stop the Drug Pushers?, NO Right To Advertise, Visual Polluters Lose Appeal.

Number 14, May 1984
BUGA-UP Bus Bust backfires, BUGA-UP On BBC's QED TV Program, Rothmans Boy to Sell Australia, Medical Journal Kowtows to Advertisers, The Trials of A Contentious Doctor, There's No Regulation Like Self-Regulation, A.C.T. to ACT on ADS, Broadcasting Tribunal Confesses Impotence, C.A.C. Claim: BUGA UP 'Offensive and Illegal'.

Number 15, March 1984
BUGA UP's Adventures in Adland, B.U.G.A U.P. EMBASSY, Self-Regulation to End (again), Queensland BUGA'd Up, IF You Win the Lottery.

Number 16, August 1984
Ad Ruled 'Not Offensive' Despite Widespread Offence, BUGA UP Legal Roundup: 1. Graffiti Guerrilla Will Fight On, 2. 'Graffiti Is More Cost-Effective' Says Arrested Film-Maker, 3. Surgery For Graham Kennedy, 4. Art Gallery Protesters To Be Heard At Last, 5. Brisbane Bugs Take Arrest In Their Stride, 6. Prosecution Fails To Prove 'Damage', CUB Puts Money On Horses, The Proof Of The Pudding, BILLBORED Receives Stamp Of Authority, John Slayer Portrait Award, Drink Up, Kiddies, RAS Under Fire Again, South Aust. Back In Business.

Number 17, October 1984
"BOGIES" Set To Haunt Advertisers, Court Rules TV Cig Ads Broke Law, Non-Smokers' Movement To Seek Prosecution, N.A.C. Get Their Own Back, Marlboro Men Flex Their Muscles, Overseas Activity, T.P.C. Threatens TV Self -Regulation, B.U.G.A. U.P. Doubles Drug Pushers' Bid, Alcohol Code ' Not Working ' - Health Ministers, Advertisers' Shock Discovery! Women Don't Fit Stereotype, Daintree Real-Estate "Ripp-Off", The Good News About The McDonalds Massacre, Ad Industry Scoffs At A.L.P.Threat.

Number 18, November 1984
A.B.T. Moves To Restrict TV Alcohol Ads, The 1984 Advertising Bogies: Special Centrefold, Sexism Survey 'Surprise', Citizen Says Fine Too Small.

Number 19, December 1984
Art Gallery Case Heard At Last, Fred Cole Shows Adelaide How It's Done, MOP UP Exposes Tennis Racket, ABC Threat To Commercials?, The Sweet Sound Of Suckers, TPC Not Impressed By FACTS, How to pull the wool over the consumers' eyes, Boos Over Booze Ads, Ministers Hear BUGA UP Views

Number 20, February 1985
Ruling Puts Heath's Wealth Before Health, Canadian Newspaper Puts Conscience Before Profits, Junk Mail Threat, Brewers Jealous Over Light Launch, MOP UP Moves Into Sponsorship, Tobacco Pushers Out Of The Race, Closet Advertisers Ready To Roll, Drug-Addicted Sports Defend Dealers, BMA Takes Stand On Cigarette Advertising.

Number 21, April 1985
Lord Bloody Wog Weds, BUGA UP Causes Industry "Most Concern", Court Appeal Reveals Secrets Of Sponsorship, BUGA UP Delegate Causes Stir At Conference, Marlboro Men Condemn Condom Concept, "V" Stands For "Visual" And "Vandalism", Marlboro Pulls Out Of Tennis, ASC Antics Aim To Appease, Sugar Ads Attacked.

Number 22, June 1985
Film-maker Convicted on BUGA UP Charge, Anyhow* Have A $10,000 fine, "Double Standards Council" Does It Again, Melbourne "Cup" Now A "Tinnie", Art Gallery Protester Acquitted.

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